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How To Stay Healthy?

How to stay away from diseases? 

Did you know that heart diseases are in the top ten death diseases? So, you probably want to take good care of your heart. Preventing a heart disease is not very easy but it is worth it once you know your heart is healthy.

Please note if you have a problem with any part of the following process it is ok to skip a part or two.

The first thing you need to do is have a better lifestyle. This means you need to eat healthier and it would be excellent if you could lower your cholesterol. If you are an adult, it would be great if you could stop smoking or drinking alcohol. Also, something very important is doing sports. Keep doing these steps and your heart will stay forever young.

How to stay healthy

-Healthy eating

-Regular sport

-Stay at a healthy weight

-Manage stress  

-Control salt 

-Prefer fish over meat

What makes the heart  unhealthy



-Sedentary lifestyle

-Drinking alcohol

-High cholesterol level  (Unhealthy eating)

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